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About the Band

The Band

The Jake Bartley Band is a South Carolina based band that is the result of an all-star group of talented musicians and songwriters  who have long awaited an opportunity to come together and create a fresh, soulful, yet roots oriented sound.  The members of the band have each spent years traveling and performing nationally and internationally.  Individually, they have appearances on their resumes such as the Today Show, the Rachel Ray Show, the Grand Ole Opry and countless other major music festivals and venues across the country. The multi-talented band begins with Jake Bartley's powerful lead vocals and crowd winning personality, paired up with Andrew Crawford and Matt Miller's seemingly unlimited abilities on the guitar, bass, and vocals.  Along with Tyler McCutcheon's world class percussion skills and vocals, their progressive style is infused with a lifetime of soul, rock, funk, folk, and blues.  With the addition of the very talented Bill Christmas on the saxophone, there is no limit to the versatility and creativity of this all-star collection of talent.  


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